Posted date: 13/12/12
 On 11th December 2012, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) in collaboration with VietnaNet newspaper published the VNR500 Ranking Table – Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises in 2012. It was the 6th consecutive year the VNR500 Ranking Table was officially announced to recognize and honor the results that Vietnamese enterprise community has achieved in 2012.

With the impressive achieved results in business activities in 2012, Intimex Group Joint Stock Company continued to hold the position with the 15th rank in the Top 500 largest Vietnamese private enterprises in 2012 and 68th rank in the Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises. Particularly, Intimex Group Joint Stock Company leaded the group of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the above mentioned published 2 Ranking Tables.

VNR500 Ranking Table is the research result of Vietnam Report, built from the principles of science, independence and complying with international standards. The Ranking Table is the recognition as well as objective assessment of business performance that Vietnamese enterprise achieves in each fiscal year.

Based on the methodology and model of the U.S Fortune500, the VNR500 ranking is based on the major criterion of revenue. At the same time, other criteria such as profit, growth, employment and assets are also taken into account to compare the performances of enterprises. 

Beside the Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises, Vietnam Report also published the Top 500 largest Vietnamese private enterprises. The criterion used to classify one enterprise to be private is that the privately-owned capital is greater or equal than 51%. In order to be qualified for selection for consideration in VNR500 Ranking Table for all businesses, the revenue of enterprise must be at least 1,400 billion VND and in VNR500 Ranking Table for private sector, the number is 600 billion VND.