In June 1999, Vietnam Agricultural and Forest Products Corporation and Intimex Import Export Company merged together and the Eastern Agricultural Products Station 2 became a division of Intimex Hochiminh.
 After many times of changing the name, Intimex Tay Ninh branch was officially established under the decision no.05/INTHCM-TCHC dated 29 June 2006 of the Board of Administration and trading license no.4513000028 dated 30 June 2006 of Department of Planning and Investment of Tay Ninh. The target of Tay Ninh branch is to develop the domestic business network with a system of outlets for introducing and displaying products and to be distribution agents for consuming products.
 Today, Intimex Tay Ninh is an official distributor for Vinamilk, Vissan, Unif instant noodle, Tam Phuong fish-sauce and frozen chicken wings from Brazil in Tay Ninh province and it also exports these products to Cambodian market at big sales. With the local source of produce and a dynamic team of staffs, Intimex Tay Ninh takes these advantages to export coffee beans, pepper, corns, tapioca slides, … to the US, Great Britain, Italia, Germany, Holland, Russia, India, Singapore,… and imports steels, household appliances, machineries for office use, cattle-feed,…to supply domestic demands for consumption and trade.
 For the coming time, Intimex Tay Ninh Branch keeps focusing more on exporting coffee and pepper. The availability of the local produce such as tapioca slides, tapioca starch, green beans, soya beans, peanuts,…helps Intimex Tay Ninh have more opportunities to collect them to export and to supply the domestic cattle-feed processing manufacturers. At present time, it also increases export volume of rubber to Europe and Nothern America; consumption goods to Cambodia. With strong supports from Tay Ninh authorities and head-office management board, Intimex Tay Ninh is step by step becoming a distribution agent for imported goods. However, domestic trading in foodstuffs and articles of daily necessity is still its core business activities. Besides, it also expands its retail and wholesale agents and sets up supermarket system in Tay Ninh as well.

Address: 11 Vo Van Truyen Road, Tay Ninh Commune, Tay Ninh
Telephone+84 -276-3822348, 3815428, 3815664 

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